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Have you considered installing an electric garage door?

The Benefits that Electric Garage Doors have to offer

Making your life that little bit easier

The first, and most obvious advantage of owning an electric garage door, is that it can improve your quality of life. We’ve all been caught in the rain, waiting outside the home for it to stop so we can dash inside and stay dry. With a brand new electric garage door from J.K Secret Doors, those days are behind you! Electronic garage doors are remotely operated, so that with just the touch of a button, your garage door rises and falls. With remote operation you can operate your garage door before you even reach your driveway, or before you even leave your home. Once you’ve experienced the daily pleasure of operating an electronic garage door, we’ve sure you’ll never want to go back to using a manual one!


Electric garage doors


Enhanced Safety Features

Are you aware that  garage doors are the most common target as a point of entry for criminals and burglars? Fitting your home with a premium quality automatic garage door will increase home security by making it much more difficult for a criminal to enter your property via your garage. 

Many of our electric garage doors are equipped with automatic closure, in case you forget to close your garage yourself. Additionally, in the event of a power failure many doors are equipped with a feature which automatically locks the garage. Features like these really give peace of mind for you and your family, particularly when you are away from home.

Ultimate Protection for your Vehicle

We all value our vehicles, and do what we can to keep them protected. If you choose to install an automatic garage door for your property, you can be safe in the knowledge that your vehicle is safe. Some models feature alarms that trigger responses to a mobile App, allowing you to see in real time if there has been an unauthorised attempt to open your garage door.

An Investment in your Property

Many of our garage doors can be customised to suit your tastes and your needs. Match materials and colours to your home and enhance the way it looks. Electronic garage doors can significantly increase the value of a property, and make it more appealing to the eyes of potential buyers who are looking for distinguishing features when choosing between properties in your area.

How much do electric garage doors cost?

The cost of fitting an electric garage door is perhaps more affordable than you might imagine. When you factor-in the savings that you can make with regards to energy efficiency, plus the value that’s added to your property, they can be truly seen as an investment.

Steel garage doors are typically the most affordable solution, and obviously the larger your garage door opening, the more expensive the garage door.

To get an accurate no-obligation quote for your new electric garage door, speak to our friendly team today.


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