Are Security Doors for Homes Effective?

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Are Security Doors for Homes Effective?

In contrast to what we see in movies, it is a commonly known fact that most domestic robberies take place in the daytime. The window between ten and three presents a promising opportunity for thieves as the kids are usually in school and the adults at the office.

Most intruders choose to break into homes when it is empty, so as to avoid any unpleasant interactions. Additionally, the chances of being spotted in the daytime are reduced as most neighbours could be out and about as well.

A window of opportunity

Another contradiction we face in real life is that most burglars are not masterminds planning elaborate schemes to wipe out your entire house. In most cases, burglaries are the result of chance. An opportunity presents itself due to the unaware or unprepared nature of the homeowner. In most cases, the property owner has missed locking the door or window in a hurry to get to work on time.

A door that is left unlocked is probably a thief’s best friend. At times robbers are only checking to see if the door opens up to them. Should the owner forget to engage the locking mechanisms, all will be lost. Furthermore, it is quite unlike for neighbours to be alerted by a stranger walking into your property without any resistance.

In the case of forced entry, the intent of the intruder is clear and the crime is premeditated. Tools like a crowbar can be used to pry open the door with force. To avoid alerting anyone, these tools can be easily hidden under the coat or concealed in the sleeve of the pants. Unfortunately, the same tool can become an instrument of harm and destruction if the thief is confronted.

Protection is Prevention

Due to the increased risk of burglaries and home invasions in the UK, security doors for homes have become a common preventive measure taken by responsible property owners. 

Many property owners in the UK believe that digital surveillance systems or motion-sensitive lights may be adequate to keep burglars at bay.

However, consider the most recent incidents at celebrity Tamara Ecclestone’s home in London. Videos of the incident have shown cameras and security lights working as the burglars waltzed right in without any fear or resistance.

Such incidents prove that digital solutions are incomplete, but can be made robust with conventional measures like steel security doors in the UK. These fixtures actively resist break-ins and deter burglars from entering your home.

Most security doors for homes can be fitted with digital locking systems that ensure your home is protected even when you are away. They are created from materials that offer durability, strength and sturdiness. Most importantly, these doors can take a thorough beating.

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