Can you call your home a safe space?

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Can you call your home a safe space?

Given the current social unrest in the UK, making adequate security modifications to your home may be a wise decision. A lot has changed in the country over the last decade, crime has shot up, especially in the post-pandemic scenario. There were a whopping 5.4 million crimes registered in 2021 according to statistics released by Its figures like that make the need for security systems real. 

This is especially true for properties in metropolitan cities like London, Manchester, etc. It does not matter if you live in a flat (like most Londoners) or in an independent house, security should be your top priority in 2022. It's no wonder that demand for security systems has increased across the UK. However, many property owners are opting to pair conventional security measures with technology. 

Today, we see a trend of coupling surveillance systems like CCTV cameras and alarm systems with security doors for homes. This seems to be a logical move as most digital security systems are incapable of physically preventing an active break-in. A security door is an effective deterrent to keep intruders outside and the occupants of the property safe indoors. 

What are security doors?

Security doors for homes are unlike conventional doors. The latter has a lower durability threshold and can be broken into without much obstruction. Moreover, traditional doors are mass-produced, meaning if thieves learn the way to break into one, they can break into any other property using the same door.  

Conventional doors are made using materials that compromise when subjected to a good beating. Also, they can be quite easy to simply unhinged without waking the neighbours. We have all seen it in the movies;the good guys break open the door with a heavy swing of the leg. That is likely to happen with a generic front door, but never with a security door. 

Security doors are made using the highest quality materials. These doors are known to be lightweight, yet durable enough to take a good beating without giving in. They can be made using a number of different materials that offer strength and longevity. 

These fixtures can also be constructed using insulative material. This feature plays a crucial role in bringing down the overall cost associated with heating and cooling. A poorly insulated door can be the reason you need to keep your heater or cooler on for long periods. A well-insulated door can reduce the transfer of heat dramatically, thus maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. 

Steel security doors are currently the most popular variation of security doors for homes. For the best steel security doors in the UK, reach out to J.K Security Doors. They are recognised as one of the best security door solution providers in the country and offer a wide range of products that protect your loved ones and property. 

Their team of seasoned experts are always ready to assist buyers and help them find the right door for their home.


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