The Victorian Front Door in 2021

Victorian Front Doors

The Victorian Front Door in 2021

What is ‘Victorian’?

Fashion trends, architecture, and design principles tend to evolve over time. This is the result of the ever-changing social norms, standards and the constant evolution of perception. While the world is in a constant state of change - some things tend to stay in style forever..

These can be found in lifestyle and decor magazines, museums, legacy establishments and the modern chic British home. I am talking about the effortlessly classy, Victorian Doors.

Victorian doors were birthed in the Victorian era, a 64 year period in which Great Britain experienced insurmountable prosperity, political and social reform and a great deal of emphasis laid on the arts.

England's newfound wealth adversely changed the social landscape of the country, the echoes of which are felt through the architecture of the time even today. Victorian age architecture and design are a symbol of opulence and prestige of a time that once was.

The regality and affluence in Victorian design can be experienced even today in places like - The Parliament House (Palace of Westminster), Cliveden House, and the Palm House in Kew Gardens.

Door among doors!

One of the commonalities found in Victorian-era structures is the monumental Victorian doors. Tall, broad and heavy, these entryway guardians are the custodians of the legacy that was the Victorian age.

These doors were panelled and often housed decorative glass as well as bronze ornaments. They were the first impression of the luxuries that lay within. It is no surprise that Victorian doors have managed to stay relevant even after a century of design evolution. Here are a few reasons for their timeless presence:


Victorian doors are quite adaptable, from a design perspective. They add a touch of class to almost any architectural style. Using these doors, homeowners can have a gorgeous entrance without any conflict with the exterior or interior characteristics of the house.


Victorian-style doors have evolved over the last century and a half. Their usability can now be increased through the inclusion of sidelights, glass panels, high security locking systems, and other advantageous features. For example - glass panels let nature into the house making spaces much brighter.


The Victorian door will probably be the only fixtures in your house that retain a great deal of aesthetic simplicity while allowing homeowners the freedom to add designs as well. Doors of old were adorned with gracious carvings, stained glass panels, bronze letterboxes, ornamental door knockers, and many more details that amplified the visual appeal of the door.

The same can be done today. Victorian doors can be customised to incorporate conventional or contemporary elements to accentuate the overall theme of the house.

Victorian doors are here to stay. Especially for those who value good design. If you are on the look for a new Victorian-style door in London, J.K Security Doors is the best at finding a good deal on high quality Doors. They are one of the most preferred service providers in the UK and offer a wide selection of front doors, garage doors, roller shutters, and windows.



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