Considerations to think about before installing an automated garage door system

Considerations to think about before installing an automated garage door system

Often, the first question that homeowners ask suppliers in London about automated garage doors is how much extra they cost to purchase and install, compared to a similar quality garage door that's manually operated.

If you have the same question yourself, just how much should you pay for a good quality electronic garage door that’s fitted by an expert garage door supplier such as J.K Security Doors in London?

So, just hold on. Before we can answer that question, there are a few questions you’ll have to answer yourself!

Firstly, are you looking for a brand new, fully automatic garage door, or are you looking to upgrade your existing garage door with an electric motor?  The following three types of garage doors can usually be retro-fitted with a motor (if they are of sufficient quality and in good condition):

  • Up and over canopy style garage doors
  • Up and over retractable style automatic garage doors
  • Side hinged (barn door) electronic garage doors

If you were looking at upgrading a sectional or roller shutter garage door, it would be more cost effective to install a brand new automated system that’s been designed and built from the ground-up to be fully automated. 

The cost breakdown

A brand new roller shutter garage door, or an upgrade to an electric up and over garage door can cost below the £1000 mark, whereas if you’re looking for a high quality insulated sectional garage door from respected German manufacturer Hormann, for example, you can expect to pay upwards of £3000 including fitting.

It's always worth paying a professional garage door supplier to install an automated garage door for you. The math doesn't really add up if you try to save a few pounds on installation, as it's likely to lower performance and lifespan. In real terms, installation will probably cost about £500 for the average sized door, but you'll often get a deal if you buy a good quality garage door and pay for installation at the same time.

Security systems and looking mechanisms

On to the topic of security, you need to think about how secure your garage needs to be. Do you live in the centre of a big city, for example, or is your vehicle of particular high value, and do you store personal belongings in your garage? The answers to these questions will determine the level of security you need and whether or not you need additional security features such as automatic locking, toughened and reinforced panels, and/or surveillance and alarm systems.

J.K Security Doors in London is committed to providing the very highest standards of customer service to each and every one of their customers. If you're not ready to buy, and you just need some help and advice to narrow down your options and find out how much you can expect to pay, you'll find their team equally friendly, honest, and helpful - they just love to help!
So why not take a trip to J.K Security Doors in London this week and take a look at their range of high quality insulated sectional garage doors that will enhance the look of your property and keep the thieves out!


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