Door fitters

Door fitters

Door fitters

Why you need expert Door fitters

To save money, some folks prefer fitting a new door themselves instead of giving the job to an expert door fitter.

Door Fitters

Truth be told, if your installation skills aren’t high, you would end up compromising the home security of your home in the bid to save money. But it still doesn’t end there – if done wrongly, you might find yourself in a messy state after fitting your doors yourself. Saving money shouldn’t be your priority, longevity should.

To hit the ground running, here are 5 top reasons why hiring an expert door fitter will be a better option than doing it yourself:

Minimizes damage

It requires a great deal of skill and experience to fit a new door without inflicting damages on the door frame. The best practice when fitting a door is to cut the door’s frames in pieces before then removing them one at a time. But if you lack the skills, inflicting damage to the door frames and wall becomes inevitable. You might just end up replacing door after door. Imagine the stress this would cause you especially if your daily schedule is a tight one.

Moving the doors

After purchasing the door, next is to move it to where it will be installed. Don’t get it twisted, moving a purchased door is never an easy task as it often ends up getting dented and scratched while in transit. Imagine the inconvenience of spending money on repairs even before installation commences. It will sure cost you money and time to get a dented door back in shape, and you might just end up buying a new – your savings would go up in smoke before your very own eyes. Hiring a professional door fitting service provider saves you a lot of stress.

Your skills are never enough

It’s one thing to get a door hanging well on its hinges, it’s yet another thing to efficiently install it. Your skills at handling a screwdriver can at best get the door standing erect. An efficiently installed door ought to be airtight – your skills must read nothing less than 9 on the scale of 10to achieve this. Why give yourself the undue stress when an expert door fitter can do this efficiently. A door that isn’t airtight compromises the energy efficiency of your home and can be easily burgled.

No Guarantee

One of the biggest benefit of working with professional door fitters is that you are sure of a guarantee – should something go wrong; the company will come fix it up. But this is not the case for DIY option. Most companies offer a guarantee of 5 years – should something go wrong after fixing your door, they will come fix it for you. This will at least put your mind at peace.

Complying with state regulations

British laws mandate that all installed doors must meet stipulated standards. If the fitting company you hire is a reputable one, they will issue a certificate of conformity. But doing installations yourself means you must be ready to bear the cost that comes with arranging with a building regulator to get this done for you. Though arranging with a building regulator may not be a bad idea, things (as it most times does) may go wrong. So, why put yourself through stress you can easily avoid.
So, there you have it, 5 good reasons why you need hire a company to fix your door. Surely, the decision to install your door yourself or have a company do it for you, choose wisely.

Complying with state regulations

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