Doors that matters most

Doors that matters most

Doors that matters most

Your front door is a fundamental component of what makes your particular house feel like your home. It belongs to you, it’s the first thing visitors approach and as such it is representative of you. A front door also has the potential to be a vulnerability when it comes to home security. Burglars often seek access to a house via the door instead of a window. It is therefore imperative that your door isn't easy to physically compromise, or the lock be picked. A security door offers you and your family a higher degree of protection, not only from burglars but also from the elements.

Home security doors consist of materials that are both resistant to relentless weather conditions, and to any break-in attempt. Today’s locks are designed and built to be very difficult to pick, and the bolts and frame very resistant to force. Home security doors are mostly constructed from solid non-hollow steel or hardwood, both very robust and hardy materials. Added built-in weight helps to ensure smooth operation and blunt force resistance. The front door is typically the first choice for installation of a Home security door, but they can also be installed as exterior entry doors (such as a back door leading to a garage). Our front doors are fully built to customers specifications and criteria, with reliable and secure locks that are designed to last a lifetime.

JK Security Doors present to you their range of home security doors. For anyone looking for extra security, with low maintenance and years of service - contact us today. For those living in urban areas, with a higher burglary rate, let one of our home security doors be a security guard for your property - always on duty. In such locations we would recommend you opt for one of our strong steel door solutions which offers the highest level of security and durability.

JK Security Doors are one of the leading supplier and installation companies of home security doors. In addition to security doors, we also offer customers Victorian Doors and all manner of installation services to compliment. In the 19th century, Victorian homes with their high ceilings and large reception rooms were paired with equally grand Victorian doors. Be they in a small dwelling or a grand mansion, four panel doors were a common feature of the Victorian home and Victorian doors continue to impress to this very day. You may not be living in a large Victorian house, but you can certainly still reflect the charm and style of the Victorian era with one of our heavily ornate doors. Victorian doors are gaining popularity in London, and you can match this aesthetic with your door in this wonderful style.

JK Security Doors offers you a diverse range of Victorian doors in all sizes and colours. Whether you have seen a design in our gallery that you like or you need a fully bespoke door built to your specifications, we can help you find your door. From the colour, down to the hardware we use, a plethora of options are provided by our experts and we can ensure we find the perfect solution to any brief. Our engineers and installers have extensive experience and are on-hand ready to help professionally install and fit your Victorian door. Contact us today and speak with a dedicated customer service specialist.


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