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Victorian and Garage Doors UK - J.K Security Doors

Doors that you can always rely upon!

For most homes, the front door is the main focal point that the eye is automatically drawn towards, and this is why the Victorian door is a very popular choice. Victorian-era doors are not only beautiful to look at, but they also pack a host of features, such as modern security and due to their solid construction, are also extremely hard-wearing. The longevity of the Victorian door means that maintenance costs are lower - A perfect combination of style, practicality and price.

Until now many homeowners have chosen the Victorian door to maintain the traditional aesthetic of their property, but now we are also seeing a trend of modern homeowners choosing the Victorian Door. The traditional detailing complements very well with the minimal look of the contemporary home, adding a dash of splendour and classic styling to the home exterior. It’s very pleasing to see this combination of the old and the new…Yes, the vintage, antique style of the Victorian Door is very much in style to this day, and shows that the classic and timeless look never goes out of fashion.

Whether you are looking to update the style of your home, or renew your period property, We have a fantastic variety of Victorian door designs and styles for you to choose from, and all of them can be tailored to your specific home.

Victorian & Garage Doors UK - J.K Security Doors

Alongside front doors, your choice of garage door can also significantly enhance the look of your home. Your choice of garage door really does make a statement about your property. Garage doors are extremely convenient and as they are in regular use, reliability is a key consideration to bear in mind. Garage doors can also be a prime target for thieves and should be adequately protected. After all, nobody wants a burglar using their garage to gain access into their home. It may feel a daunting task to find a garage door that is secure, affordable, aesthetically pleasing and can be professionally and efficiently installed for you, but J.K Security Doors have a large selection of garage doors, all featuring enhanced security features, and offer a range of options to suit your budget!

Technology has come a long way with garage doors in recent years, and J.K Security Doors are at the forefront of the advance. Having illustrated the benefits of a new garage doors, this leaves us to list the 6 types of door to choose from. These are;

  • Sectional Garage door
  • Up and Over garage door
  • Side Sliding garage door
  • Side-hinged garage door
  • Automatic garage door
  • The matching side door

If your garage door is due for an upgrade, contact J.K Security Doors and they’ll help you find the most appropriate new door to upgrade your home.


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