Garage Doors of the Future

Garage Doors of the Future

Garage Doors of the Future

The team at JK Doors has seen a lot of change in the industry. That has meant a gradual evolution in both the products we supply to our customers, but also the style and size of modern vehicle available to drivers now. The motor industry is closely aligned with the garage industry and developments in one industry often have a cascading effect on the other; for example, the taste for larger garages and wider garage doors has coincided with the popularity of larger vehicles. We’re often asked for our views on how garage doors and the tech involved are likely to change in future.

It really comes down to the nature of emerging innovations or breakthroughs in construction and the motoring sector. We can be sure that in 20 years, the traditional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) will be entering its final days and electric vehicles (EVs) will be mainstream. Consumers will increasingly look to have indoor charging facilities installed for overnight charging, which brings garage door security to mind – as well as questions of what the much vaunted Internet of Things (IoT)-based home system of the future would look like.

First of all, we suspect that sliding doors will take on a whole new form. The trend towards overnight charging brings accessibility issues, and homeowners will be looking for ways to improve manoeuvrability and make better use of space – especially if the garage is physically adjoining the house. It seems likely that automatic garage doors will become significantly more popular, as they tick many of the relevant boxes here. The technology could also be combined with voice activation, where the house AI is programmed to detect the owner’s unique voice patterns to permit entry.

Away from the more unrealistic and sometimes laughable sci-fi visions, we expect the value of the typical garage’s contents to be considerably higher in future. Electric bikes and scooters need to be kept securely indoors somewhere, and many homeowners will opt to place them in the garage. Valuable EV batteries could be a target for burglars. Therefore we expect a race towards ever more advanced locking systems, to keep one step ahead of the most sophisticated criminals. Of course, the present systems are impressively advanced, but the threat demands constant adjustments.

What Modern Garage Doors Are Available Today?

JK Doors has a wide range of automated garage doors available. We can provide a range of styles – but we are also equipped to automate your current garage door, which should make the driving experience a lot simpler for you! We suggest that automating your garage door is a prudent investment, especially in light of the brutally cold winters often experienced in northern Europe. Click here to view our current range of automated garage doors. If you’d like to explore your options in more detail, please contact us by phone or email.


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