Getting a new front door

Getting a new front door

Getting a new front door

Getting a new front door requires proper planning

Everyone wants to be proud of the home that they own, but if your property has seen better days and is looking a bit tired, then it can be difficult. A significant feature of your home that you might not consider changing from the off is the front door, but as this is a major focal point of any house, it deserves attention.

People buy new front doors due to so many reasons. The most obvious reason is that their old front door has come to the end of its lifespan or perhaps it is rotten and no longer functions as it should. The other reasons might be that the house may be a new building, with no doors yet at all r maybe, or it is a home with new occupants, who do not like the current door, or require it to function in a way the current one does not. There are also situations where the old door has been damaged in some way such as during a break in, from extreme weather conditions or misuse. Whatever the reason is, it is crucial when buying a new front door that you plan properly.

New Front Door

Why proper planning is essential when getting a new front door

1. Perfect fitting
The most obvious reason for carefully planning a purchase is to ensure that the door you buy will fit. Rough measurements will not do unless you are okay with the idea of a poorly fitted door. When purchasing a wooden door, slight inaccuracies with measurements going over the required size can often be remedied by shaving the edges. However, this is a tricky task that requires precision and takes time; it is much better just to get the right size in the first place. Although most people could accurately measure the door themselves, it is better to have the doorway professionally surveyed to ensure there are no errors. Once you have the correct measurements, you can begin to consider the other important aspects of your new door.

2. Security
The top consideration for front doors is security. Being a key access point for all potential attackers, it is vital to get a good level of security. If your home is in an area which has a high crime rate, or if you have valuables in your home which may be targeted, you should take measures to get a door with enhanced security. For homes with elders or vulnerable members, it may be vital to have a spy hole and a security chain to reduce the risk of crime when the house is occupied.

3. Function
If there is a member in your household that uses a wheelchair or pram, or where a raised threshold would be a risk, you need to ensure you get a door that has no frame to step over. You may also want to consider the opening you require. Do you have a small hallway where an inwards opening door would not be suited? Maybe you need a door which is hinged on the right instead of the left. It is important to note these requirements down, so you do not end up with something that is not right when choosing.

New Front Door Price

Your budget will influence your choice of a new front door. If the price is a primary concern, consider doors made from engineered pine or hemlock. Many doors are available without glazing, so you have the option to insert your own patterned or stained glass for an individual touch. Buying an unfinished door and painting or staining it yourself will also reduce the new front door price. Single-glazed doors are usually the cheapest, but obviously, don’t provide the same level of insulation as double or triple glazing, so can prove more expensive long-term.

Front Door price

Hardwood doors cost a little more, but are longer-lasting than pine and can still be found at reasonable rates. Oak is the premium option, offering an attractive grain, excellent weather resistance and an undeniable feel of luxury. Composite doors are more expensive than most timber doors initially but have the advantage of requiring no finishing or maintenance, saving time and money in the long run.



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