How to Ensure that your Up and Over Garage Door is Fully Secure

Up and over garage doors

How to Ensure that your Up and Over Garage Door is Fully Secure

Home security is incredibly important, and the majority of garages in the UK have up and over garage doors, so just how secure are up and over garage doors, and as homeowners, are there any measures we can take to increase home security and ensure that properties are well protected?

Construction & Design

The first assessment to make is a material one. Up and over garage doors are typically constructed from strong metals, such as steel and aluminum. Both steel and aluminum are incredibly durable and very difficult to penetrate, so in terms of construction, up and over garage doors pass the test for being strong and resistant to forced entry.

In terms of their actual design, up and over garage doors generally consist of a single panel which pivots on a hinge mechanism, allowing them to swing up and over (hence their name). This design offers some distinct security advantages. For one, there are no horizontal or vertical tracks on the exterior of the garage, which an intruder might otherwise try to exploit.

Locking Mechanisms

Up and over doors have a straightforward, yet very effective locking system. High quality up and over garage doors even come with multiple locking points, further enhancing security. Again, locking bars and mechanisms are concealed within the door's frame, making them more difficult to tamper with from the outside of the garage.

One of the most effective upgrades you can invest in for your up and over garage doors is the addition of security bolts and bars. These can be installed on the inside of the garage door and serve as extra locking points, making it significantly more difficult for intruders to try and force their way into your garage.

Additional Measures you can take to Increase Security

If you haven;’t already done so, consider installing an alarm system in your garage. This extra layer of security often works passively, by deterring would-be intruders from attempting a break-in. Also seriously consider installing motion-activated security lighting in the vicinity of your garage door. As with an alarm system, lighting can make your garage a less appealing target for burglars.

Adding security cameras in and around your garage can also act as a further deterrent, and should you become a victim of a crime, they can provide valuable evidence in case of a break-in. Many modern surveillance systems offer remote monitoring and recording capabilities.

 J.K Security doors in London are garage security experts. You can talk to their security team today to find out what would be the most effective security upgrade for your home, and your garage. If you have an older garage door that could benefit from replacement,  J.K Security doors have an extensive range of the best up and over garage doors on the market to choose from.


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