J.K Security Doors - Updating Your Home Security

J.K Security Doors - Updating Your Home Security

J.K Security Doors - Updating Your Home Security

When it comes to replacing your old garage door, security should be high on your list of features to pay particular attention to. J.K Security Doors range of high-security garage doors, feature the very latest security measures for you to choose from, together with premium construction, designed to protect your home from intruders, whilst making it look truly gorgeous. Doors are often not given the proper consideration they deserve, but when the right choices are made, they can add significantly to the overall appearance of your home. We supply garage doors that are built to last and that can be customised to your specific requirements. With one of our garage doors, we can help keep you safe, with a dependable, premium, affordable enhancement to your home.

J.K Security Doors utilise the very latest technology and design aesthetics. Our automatic garage door enables you to open and close the garage door at just the touch of a button, from the comfort of your car - It’s not difficult to see why automatic garage doors have been so popular with our customers! And we don’t just stop at providing the most up to date products on the market, we pay equal attention to our service. You can be sure that each and every garage door will be professionally installed by a team of experts, to ensure that your new automatic garage door provides very many years of trouble-free service.

J.K Security Doors - Home Security

Alongside our automatic garage door, other highlighted products in our range include the R40 sectional garage door, the TL sectional garage door, together with our side sliding sectional garage door. The R40 sectional garage is fitted with a very safe and reliable R40 track system, pre-assembled with all springs, cables and accessories. The TL sectional garage door features the very same track system, along with torsion springs that provide a perfect counterbalance for sectional doors of all shapes and sizes. Both the R40 and TL sectional garage doors provide finger protection features, to ensure continual, safe operation. Side sliding sectional doors look particularly elegant and stylish, and with a long lifespan, they’ll keep their good looks. All the above garage doors are electrically operated and have additional options to choose from, such as wicket door with a choice of locking systems.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, white, conventionally styled, classic Up and Over garage door, then J.K Security Doors also have a matching side door in their 2000 series range, which has been exclusively designed for the UK market. You’ll have a choice between steel construction, and solid timber with our Up and Over garage doors, all built with premium quality materials, and available at affordable prices.

J.K Security Doors ensure your safety and security, together with outstanding aesthetics and quality.


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