Key Features of Modern Garage Doors from London-Based Suppliers

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Key Features of Modern Garage Doors from London-Based Suppliers

Today’s garage doors offer many more features and benefits than perhaps you are aware of, in this short piece we’ll cover the main advantages of upgrading your garage with a modern, high-quality garage door from London.


You can choose to upgrade your existing garage door in London with a fabulous automated solution. The remote operation makes your life much easier, but it also offers features such as the capability of being programmed to remain locked whilst you are away from your property. You may have previously been concerned with how much extra internal garage space is consumed by the addition of the motor and winding mechanism required for automated control, however, modern automated garage doors in London are extremely compact, leaving you with plenty of room for your vehicle(s), household belongings, and any tools or equipment you usually leave in the garage.


Your garage door needs to offer a high level of protection against would-be thieves. Traditional locks and handles found on older garage doors are a common weak point that criminals will be looking out for. Modern automated doors can be fitted without external locks and handles, which makes them much harder to break into. By choosing an experienced, professional garage door specialist to install a new garage door for you, they will ensure no gaps between the frame and the door, which could otherwise be prized open with a crowbar.

Additionally, only someone with your specific remote device can access an automated garage door, as each device is pre-encoded with a unique frequency. Furthermore, you can choose to mount additional anti-theft devices which could alert you if someone is in the vicinity of your property.


Older, conventional garage doors can malfunction and have the potential to cause injury. Automated doors are operated remotely which means no hands need to be touching them when they are used. Additionally they have safety measures in place which prevent incidents occurring, such as the door dropping unexpectedly.

For high-quality garage doors in London, you should visit J.K Security Doors. J.K Security Doors have a range of affordable, high-quality automated garage doors which can be fully tailored to meet your needs. With first-class installation, along with professional help and advice whenever you need them, you’re in safe hands with J.K Security Doors.


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