The Latest London Front Doors Trends

The Latest London Front Doors Trends

The Latest London Front Doors Trends

What is the first thing that you notice when you come to visit your friends, colleagues or relatives? With no doubts, the front door makes the first impression of the house. Striving for the highest security level, many home or business owners ignore the aesthetics of their security doors. JK Doors will show you how to combine high quality, ultimate security and an attractive and representative appearance all in one. According to security doors  specialists, revamping or changing your front door is an entirely justified investment in the security of your home and your family. In this blog post, we collected the latest trends in the ever-complicated world of front doors so that your door becomes not only your protector but also a unique home decoration.

The Latest London Front Doors Trends

Paint Your London Front Door

Painting your front door is one of the easiest and quickest way to decorate your house and show your creative personality. In this case, you should be very careful with the type of paint you select for your security door in London, as they vary from one front door material to another. When you go to a building materials store, you will face an almost endless selection of paint types. Be sure to choose the one that fits your front door material type: wood, steel, fiberglass, plastic and other.

Now that you identified the type of paint you are going to use, it is high time to select a paint color. More and more designers from all around the world prefer installing plain and straightforward yet boldly colored front doors. If your house is of a neutral color, paint your security door  in striking colour and make it the main highlight of the building. Various ornaments painted using stencils will add a classical or modern chick to your door. If you are a good painter, try yourself in painting your London front door and creating a unique drawing on it. Such a security door in London will certainly stand out from other buildings!

Modern Front Door

Add and Paint Metal Details on Your Security Front Door

Striving to create an authentic artisanal look? Or looking for a modern functional London front door solution? Then metal doors are exactly what you need. As the industrial trend is gaining its popularity, copper, stainless steel and especially black steel security doors are on the top of modern front door trends in London.

Nevertheless, if you find that a metal entrance door might be too brutal or rough for your interior and exterior home design, you can combine metal with other materials that are not that bold. For example, a combination of wood and steel has recently become a fashionable trend for front doors in London as it can perfectly work with basically all home styles, including country, minimalism, loft and even classical style.

Use Colour Panels on Security Doors London

Make your house a bright and vivid place to live with colour panels on your security front door in London. If painting the whole door, as we suggested in our first tip, seems to be too much of a radical change, consider installing coloured panels. This change will not only make you feel homey and energetic at your place, but also show your creative personality to your local community. The most important thing you should keep in mind while choosing colour panels for your front door is that boldly coloured panels need regular maintenance: don’t forget to clean your door from dust and dirt as well as to protect it from scratches. Then your house with such a security door will become the most memorable building on the street!

Try Out Pivot Security Doors

Pivot doors are gradually becoming more and more in demand as not only do they look top-notch, but also they enable home and business owners to save space in the entrance group. A pivot door is a floor-to-ceiling door that pivots on an axis in the middle, and not on the side of the door panel. A pivot mechanism can also be useful when your security door in London is made of heavy materials; thus, a standard side mechanism might not work properly.

Choosing the right security door in London and elaborating a stylish decoration for it is a complicated process requiring extensive research, time and commitment. Nevertheless, your hard work will be at the end paid back as you will achieve your goals and create a unique design of your old or new front door. JK Doors wishes you a creative and fruitful work on the design of your entrance door!




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