Progress of Modern Security Systems for the Home

Progress of Modern Security Systems for the Home

Progress of Modern Security Systems for the Home

Since the domestic garage typically contains many thousands of pounds worth of valuable equipment – including bikes, tools and vehicles – it is especially critical that this important space is well protected against thieves seeking easy gains. Old garage door variants are usually quite weak so at JK Doors we feel that it’s our responsibility to keep prospective clients up-to-date on the latest advances in garage doors security, with the objective that they are better equipped to make well-informed choices according to their precise needs and budget.

A compelling choice from a security perspective, as well having great practical appeal, the side hinged steel garage doors (usually featuring a steel box section with sub frames, sometimes referred to as a ‘doorset’) are offered by a number of reputable manufacturers today. They give a very high level of upgraded security locking, with double skinned steel panels for added strength. When properly installed with the correct specification, these are difficult to beat. It’s possible to add a hydraulic electric door system complete with an electro-magnetic lock for additional strength.

Sectional garage doors are not only an extremely popular choice with security conscious customers, but they also offer outstanding insulation, efficient sealing and intuitive design. There are strong, yet basic. The individual panels have four encapsulated rollers on each side, shifting behind a tough steel sub frame. The double-skinned, insulated, steel varieties of sectional door make for a modern panel with impressive lateral strength. There is just one locking point internally, but don’t be fooled – it’s very hard to penetrate this kind of garage door by force or with tools.

We’re often asked about the benefits of automated garage doors. They’re certainly convenient, but also offer enhanced security. Automated doors often remove the necessity for external locking hardware and thereby a common focal point for break-in efforts. The design of electric door systems mean they operate using a downward force – until the remote is pushed, which makes these doors more difficult to prise open than a manual equivalent. If you’re aiming for an increased element of security, then an automated version of your chosen garage door type could be an inspired move.

That brings us to security doors in general, and particularly front doors. Most popular security doors are constructed of steel, aluminum, plastic or composite material. Front doors are not exactly a short-term investment, so it’s well worth emphasising durability and thermal performance when making your selection – even if that means paying a little extra. The security doors we provide come not only with advanced locking systems, but they are also water and weather proof, sound insulated and fire resistant.


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