The Pros and Cons of Side-Hinged Garage Doors

side-hinged garage doors

The Pros and Cons of Side-Hinged Garage Doors

In the UK side-hinged garage doors are a very popular choice with countless homeowners up and down the country. With their traditional styling and ease of use, they make for a highly desirable home upgrade, one which can make your life that little bit easier, increase home security, and even increase the value of your property.

In this piece we’ll go over the positives, plus any potential drawbacks, of side-hinged garage doors in detail, to help you make an informed choice about secure doors in the UK.

What Are The Main Advantages of Side-Hinged Garage Doors?

Side-hinged garage doors are certainly beautiful to look at, but that’s not all they offer!

Everyday use - Side-hinged doors swing open horizontally, much like a typical door, which feels more pleasant to operate than an up-and-over garage door. With easy access to your garage, you can open one side, whilst keeping the other closed. This is particularly advantageous for you if you use your garage very regularly.

Space-Saving - With no clearance needed in the garage ceiling for tracks or cylinders, side-hinged doors allow you to store items above your vehicle. 

Long life - Side-hinged doors are known for their high level of durability. If you choose a solution from a reputable supplier that’s been made from good quality materials, you can look forward to decades of hassle-free use from your new garage door.

Choose your style - You have greater choice when it comes to hardware and finishes with a side-hinged door. Choose the most suitable locking mechanisms, materials, and paint finishes to truly make your garage your own!

Are They Any Drawbacks to Side-Hinged Garage Doors?

With an appealing design and classic charm, it’s hard not to fall in love with a good quality side-hinged garage door, but are there any potential issues that you should be aware of before you spend your hard-earned cash on one?

The Price - There’s no getting away from the fact that installing a good quality side-hinged secure door in the UK is a fairly significant financial investment. They will also cost more to install than a standard up-and-over garage door too, so it’s important to factor-in the whole cost including fitting. The price can rise even further if you go for custom options, such as matching paint etc. The best advice is to have a budget and stick to that figure. Any good supplier of secure doors in the UK will stick to your budget and find you a solution that fulfills all of your needs.

The Issue of Maintenance - Wooden side-hinged garage doors will require more maintenance than a simple up-and-over garage door. With hinges to lubricate, and potential repainting and protection (in the case of wooden side-hinged doors), you should schedule-in annual checkups to ensure that your garage door is in top condition and is performing exactly as it should be.

Insulation - Some side-hinged garage doors on the market offer less insulation than other large door designs. The good news though is that the latest solutions offer increased insulation in the areas where they are most prone to losing heat-efficiency.


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