J.K Security Doors - for a secure garage door that enhances your home

J.K Security Doors - Secure Garage Doors

J.K Security Doors - for a secure garage door that enhances your home

After a long day at work you drive home, anticipating a nice meal and a good night’s rest. You roll up to the driveway, and as you approach the garage you begin to sigh as you realise you must get out of the car and go through the twice daily hassle of unlocking the garage, raising the door, getting back in the car, starting the engine again and then repeat all over again to close it… You think to yourself, there must be a better way. And you know what, there is!

Automatic garage doors are a huge quality of life upgrade from traditional doors. Just a click of the remote device unlocks and raises, or lowers the door, and then just another click securely locks it again!

Let's highlight a the top benefits of an automatic garage door;

  1. You won’t need to carry around a bunch of cumbersome keys. A remote device for the garage, plus your phone, should be all you need. There’s also an option for keypad access to the garage.
  2. There’s a ‘holiday mode’ option that you can set to prevent operation via remote control whilst you’re away.
  3. Advanced security features offer varying remote frequencies, ensuring your garage is never left defenceless.

J.K Security Doors - Secure Garage Doors that enhances your home

A very popular style of garage door on the market today is the sectional garage door. Sectional garage doors consist of sections, or panels that fold up and over the car and into the garage. They come to rest parallel to the ceiling. Hormann garage doors are brand leaders.

Hormann garage doors are extremely easy to operate, are very secure, robust, and provide maximum space both inside and outside the garage, offering up to 14 cm more passage width. They also feature flexible and weather resistant sealing to keep out bugs and weather. Hormann doors meet European safety standards (13241-1). Hormann’s range includes the ‘LPU 67 Thermo’ and ‘LPU 42’ which feature excellent thermal insulation, enhanced stability and very smooth operation. The ‘LTE 42’ is a single skinned model that’s a fantastic choice for detached garages. Hörmann LTH 42 sectional garage doors feature solid timber infills, and are an especially good choice for houses with visible timber on display.

J.K Security Doors offer a wide variety of home security options and services, including expert fitters and consultants that help you protect your home. We pride ourselves on the quality of our garage doors, security doors and shutters.

Choose JK Security Doors for enhanced home security!


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