How Best to Secure Your Home Whilst You’re Away on Holiday

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How Best to Secure Your Home Whilst You’re Away on Holiday

There are a number of things you can do, and measures you can take, to protect your property and keep your possessions secure whilst you are away on holiday this year. First and foremost, you should begin by evaluating your current home security setup. Here is where you get to role-play a little, have a think from the perspective of a would-be burglar where the most vulnerable entry points are. 

Doors and windows are top of the list here. Is each and every one of your doors secure? Are all of your windows safely locked? If any of your doors are starting to show signs of age, if they feature outdated locking mechanisms or are not snuggly fitted to their frames, then it’s time to consider upgrading to a more secure solution. The best home security doors are built with a solid core so they can’t easily be forced upon with a timely kick or shoulder barge. The best home security doors are fitted by expert door fitters so that they fit tightly in their frame and are installed with recessed hinges that can’t be accessed when the door is closed. Some modern security doors can even be fitted with a Smart Lock which can be monitored and operated via a mobile app. 

With your home kitted-out with the best home security doors on the market, you’ll be making sure that it isn’t going to be easy for a thief to enter your property. There are also other measures you can take to help keep your property and your family safe, these include:

Lighting - Be sure to have enough lighting that keeps the outside of your property and your garden well lit at all times. If there are areas (such as alleyways and porches) which are in shadow, consider fitting additional lighting. This will also help with the next measure on our list: 

Security cameras - With a good quality CCTV system installed, you’ll really help to deter potential intruders from even trying to enter your property in the first place, and prevention is always better than cure. A good CCTV surveillance system will cover all angles of your property and be able to record in high enough detail to capture faces and vehicle registration plates. 

Prune your bushes - Overgrown shrubbery can provide the perfect cover. Deny criminals this cover by keeping all hedges, bushes and trees trimmed-back. You can always move foliage to another location in your garden if need be.

Advertise for a house-sitter - You could advertise for a house-sitter to stay in your home while you're away. Many house-sitters can be found online, most of which will have reviews and recommendations to give you reassurance that your home is in safe hands whilst you’re away. This is a particularly good option for those with pets.

If you've considered all the points above and have come to the conclusion that you need to take some form of action to help protect your property but are unsure exactly which solution is the best for you, remember you can always talk to a professional whose job it is to assess home security. They’ll be able to source and install the best home security doors, ensuring that the next time you return from holiday, your home is in exactly the same state that it was when you left!


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