SOS Garage Doors: The Decision on Whether to Repair or Replace

SOS Garage Doors: The Decision on Whether to Repair or Replace

SOS Garage Doors: The Decision on Whether to Repair or Replace

Have you been experiencing problems with your garage doors? Often a badly damaged garage door requires urgent attention by professionals to neutralise any safety hazard or thwart break-ins. A faulty garage door has the potential to cause injury, and an insecure door could present opportunities for a burglar. If you suspect your garage doors are damaged, call a technician and ask them for an inspection and their advice on the most appropriate course of action. In most instances, repair will be possible – perhaps even restoration to full working order within the same day.

Don’t overlook the small problems
If you observe a minor fault with your door, such as tougher (or slower) opening and closing or an unexpected distinctive noise during operation, it’s a good idea to call in some local repair technicians immediately. Small nagging issues with your garage door can rapidly deteriorate, and you could even end up having to replace the entire door due to what was originally a relatively benign flaw. Have any creaking, banging or vibrating effects looked into urgently; book a detailed service check by local trusted garage door engineers.

Electrical and mechanical faults
If a garage door is stuck or fails to open and close properly, there’s a chance that the cables inside may be poorly configured or even severed. In a mechanical door, a broken cable may lead the door to close suddenly – with threat of severe injury. Where garage doors are equipped with an electrical operating system, severed cables can cause the nastiest shock injuries. If you suspect any cable faults, contact a local engineer immediately. Keep well away from the door until the problem has been fully resolved.

Obviously repair costs vary wildly, but we suggest that most garage door repairs will set you back between £100 and £250 – including all materials and labour. Spring repair typically costs around £80 to £200 according to whether you have torsion or extension springs. To fix a door opener or garage cables, expect to splash out in the region of £100 to £170 plus parts. In some cases, new replacement home security doors are the only feasible option. If the original door has lost its integrity, you’ll be glad to know that today’s high-tech replacements are extremely sophisticated.

We suggest that if you’re in the process of renovating your property before putting it on the market, then you should consider a home security doors replacement. A gleaming, brand new and ultra-secure door is certain to add significant value to your house. If the door sections themselves are warped, either through force or due to rusting, it will also need a full replacement. Stateside, the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) has released its 2019 statistics on garage door accidents – revealing that 2,000 householders annually are crushed by garage doors.

The report also showed that over 7,500 individuals annually are pinched during door operation. The UK statistics (relatively speaking) won’t be too far removed from the US equivalent and these sobering numbers are definitely cause for reflection. If you have any doubts whatsoever on the integrity of your old garage doors, let J.K Security Doors run through the replacement possibilities with you. Many consumers have an out-of-date concept of garage door technology and the latest security features. If the time is right for a change, we guarantee that you will be impressed.

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