Timeless classics with J.K Security Doors

Home Security Doors - Timeless classics

Timeless classics with J.K Security Doors

We all want our houses to look at their best, both internally and externally. The exterior appearance consists of the style of your house, it’s shape, location, widows and garage, but it’s often the front door that gives the first impression. Even a well designed and decorated house can lose a few points if it’s been paired with a mismatched front door, or home security door. Your front door can also play a part in helping to sell your home (should you ever decide to) - first impressions really do have an impact. If you’ve fitted a sturdy, durable home security door in a style that suits your home, it will add value to your property and make it more appealing to a potential buyer… After all, if you have a lovely front door, then the expectations are that the house is equally nice inside.

So, how would you go about finding and installing a quality home security door? Well there are specific things to be on the lookout for when considering a home security doors for your house.

A firm and stable core - Home security doors shouldn’t be constructed with a weak core that may give-in easily if kicked or broken into. You should only consider a security door that has a solid core. Typically doors that are made of metal, fibreglass, or wood will feature a solid core. Although these can be more expensive options, they compensate for their extra cost with the added safety they provide.

Home Security Doors - Timeless classics

A good safety lock - A deadbolt safety lock is essential for every home security door. This ensures extra safety for your home and its contents. At J.K Security Doors we provide reliable, secure locks on all our home security doors that will last a lifetime. We have both class 3 and class 4 home security doors that provide a very high level of security.

Any peepholes should have wide viewing angles - Installing a wide-angle peephole will ensure that you can be confident of who you are letting in to your house before opening the door (a burglar could potentially forcibly enter a door that has been partially opened).

J.K Security Doors sell attractive, affordable home security doors built to very high standards. We have options for all budgets, and are sure that one of our brand new security doors will provide you with a significant upgrade for your home.

Currently Victorian doors are very popular with homeowners, and we can see why. These doors are designed to look very chic and classy, reminiscent of the Victorian-era. Victorian doors are primarily built from hardwood, providing a good level of stability and security. Modern-day Victorian doors feature bright, bold colours such as reds, blues and yellows. They are characterised by flat in-fill panels, with deep mid and bottom rails, and panel moulding. The hardwood is often solid pine and is either painted or given a waxed finish. Victorian doors usually have knob type door handles.

J.K Security Doors are built sympathetically to designs of the Victorian era. The woods we use to build our Victorian doors are of superior quality, and have a long lifespan. We offer unique designs with brilliant finishes, proving a classical touch. We also provide top-quality installation for Victorian doors. J.K Security Doors are committed to providing the best selection of doors to our customers, and all our doors will stand the test of time.


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