Tough times don't last; tough doors do!

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Tough times don't last; tough doors do!

The Covid-19 pandemic brought the U.K. to a standstill last year. As a result, the number of burglaries and thefts that were reported nearly reduced to half of what it was in 2018 & 2019. Houses in regions where the lockdown was imposed strictly had no houses unoccupied as everyone was indoors. This restricted criminals and brought the crime rates down.

Sadly, however, once the restrictions were lifted, the U.K. witnessed a surge in crimes, with burglary and theft reaching an all time high. According to British private security agency Farsight, there have been a whopping sixty-eight thousand burglaries registered between April 2021 and July 2021 alone!

Even though much of the British workforce is still working from home, ease of restrictions have brought many back to the offices leaving their properties unattended. The frequent lockdowns and movement restrictions of the past year have left many out of work and some bankrupt. There is not much speculation on the cause of the rise in crime as economic crises nearly always result in an increase in thefts and burglaries.

The increase in criminal activities has resulted in a surge in demand for home security equipment and systems. Never before have property owners in the U.K. been so proactive about feeding up security in and around their properties. Here are a few of the most popular security installations:

Security doors for homes

Security doors are on top of the list because they are one of the most effective ways of deterring burglars and thieves. Security doors for homes are unlike those used for commercial and industrial purposes. Domestic security doors are far more discrete and attractive while maintaining a level of durability and strength befitting a commercial building.

Home security doors are available in a number of different designs, which is a great feature for homeowners that are particular about the impact it may have on the aesthetics of the property. Additionally, such doors are layered with insulative materials to restrict the transfer of heat during colder months.

High-security garage doors

It is commonly known that garages are one of the easy access points to the property. Thieves know to scope out weak entries, and one of their favourites are homes with old conventional garage doors that offer minimal resistance when trying to break an entry.

High-security garage doors greatly reduce the risk of a criminal using the garage to gain access to the house or stealing anything from the garage. These doors are also insulated which can assist in reducing heating bills over the colder weather conditions.

Protecting the family and property should be the top priority for every property owner. To have your property optimally protected, get in touch with J.K. Security Doors today. Their high-security garage doors and security doors for homes are of the highest quality and available in a number of variations.

Keep your family safe when you're away with security door solutions by J.K. Security Doors.


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