Victorian Doors - A timeless piece of history

Victorian Doors, Victorian Front Doors

Victorian Doors - A timeless piece of history

The era of prestige

If you own a vintage property or want to add a whole new layer of chic to your home, Victorian front doors work wonders. These classic doors offer a mix of modern innovation and class without compromising the style of the property.

The Victorian era was a mark of scientific and economic progress in British history. Innovation was seen in most major fields including architecture. Extravagance was not at all underplayed when it came to the design and styles implemented in the construction of Victorian properties. The themes employed more than a generation back can even today be instantly recognized.

The Victorian theme of design, architecture and otherwise is popular even to this day. They are easily observed in cities like London. For generations, doors have played an important role in defining the overall aesthetic of a house. Front doors were often thought of as metrics to the financial status and social standing of the family that lived within.

The jewel of the house

In a world where prestige and wealth determined one's position in civil society, the front door was but a foreword of the luxuries that lay beyond for passers-by. A big, boldly coloured door with baroque woodwork and brass ornaments echoed the power and prestige of the occupants within.

Victorian doors usually have 2 panels that feature gorgeous woodwork. They also don glass panels and eloquent grass ornaments. The glass panels allow the indoor entry passages to be well-lit with natural light. The glass generally used is of the opaque variety that offers a great deal of privacy as well.

These doors used to be made using hardwoods majoritively. This was due to the wide availability, durability and regal aesthetic lent by the material. The use of hardwood is popular even today for the same reasons. Besides, hardwood naturally contains oils that prevent rotting and insect infestations. Trees like ash, oak and cedar can also be treated to bring out the natural grain patterns and amplify the overall beauty of the house.

Unfortunately hardwood doors are becoming less popular nowadays as people are looking for better security of their premises as it is easy to break in through such doors. And the solution is - armoured Victorian Doors, that most of the time are simply called security doors due to their durability and ability to withstand most heavy duty tools. Such security doors are made of steel structure, filled with rock wool to create an outstanding level of insulation, and are covered with engineered wood panels that can be painted in any colour.

Due to the nature of the materials these doors are made from, they are resistant to rot and insect infestations. Additionally, Victorian security doors do not shrink, expand or curve as most untreated natural materials do.

If you are in the market for a new front door, our recommendation would be for you to strongly consider the age-defying class that Victorian doors bring to your property.

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