The rich heritage of Victorian Doors

Victorian Doors, Victorian Front Doors

The rich heritage of Victorian Doors

Where did it originate

Architecturally, Victorian houses are commonly known to be of a Victorian style, but the 'style' itself is just a historic period. This period responds to a time when Queen Victoria reigned over Britain. During this period, industrialization resulted in numerous innovations in architecture. Different Victorian styles include Shingle, Richardsonian Romanesque, Second Empire and Queen Anne.

Britain and its inhabitants have always been ardent lovers of all things that exude class and prestige. To the world outside, the UK has always been a symbol of power, influence and regality. And nothing emphasises these attributes more than the legacy left behind by one of the most progressive periods in English history - the Victorian era.

The Victorian Era was regarded as the 63 years of Queen Alexandrina Victoria rule over the greatest Britain there ever was. During this period England progressed politically, socially and economically by leaps and bounds. This period witnessed an unprecedented acquisition of power and wealth for the nation. There were also great advances made in the field of communication and transport as well as in establishing the overall stability of the country reat developments were made in British architecture. This era can be attributed to the creation of an architectural and design style that has reached global acclaim. Houses created in the Victorian era adhered to the revived design principles that came to be known as the Victorian style.

Victorian architecture is seen across the world and is highly regarded for its eloquence and imperial visual appeal. From coastal Goa to the sandy shores of Sao Paulo, Victorian architecture has been the ever-present reminder of a glorious past.

Victorian architecture can be easily recognised if it has distinguished features. For example - Victorian houses have stepped roofs which are mostly irregular in shape. Or another example would be the iconic roofed porticos that are synonymous with Victorian homes.

The opening to a regal past

One of the most widely recognised features of a classic Victorian house is the grandiose Victorian front door. You most likely have seen one in cities like London. The modern age has accepted the humble Victorian front door as an icon and testament to age-defying class and style.

There was once a point in time when the front door spoke as much of the stature of man as his apparel did. Front doors were a symbol of the occupants' social standing, wealth and influence in the region.

Though the reasons to own a Victorian these days are mostly aesthetic, it still does represent the good taste and refined preferences. Today, numerous homeowners across the United Kingdom continue to enjoy high appreciation because of Victorian doors installed by J.K Security Doors. They are one of the most preferred premium Victorian style door makers and installers in the UK. Their team of experts are well-seasoned and understand the clients every need with attention to detail. While design and delivery are of paramount importance, J. K Security Doors has a reputation for perfectionism. If you are looking for a superior quality door and premium service - J.K Security Doors are the ones for you!


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