Victorian Front Doors: A Perfect Pairing of Style & Security

victorian front doors

Victorian Front Doors: A Perfect Pairing of Style & Security

The Enduring Charm of the Victorian Home

The Victorian Era continues to captivate us to this very day. With their distinctive style and charm, Victorian homes have never been out of fashion here in the U.K, holding a significant place in our history, representing a distinct period of time that helped shape who we are as a society.

The Victorian era was a time of great progress, and Victorian homeowners were considered to be elegant, and refined. Today, the charm of Victorian homes lies in their ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia for a simpler, perhaps more romantic way of life.

Unlike many modern properties, Victorian homes exude individuality and character and can even encompass a range of architectural styles and elements. Each and every home can be tailored to reflect the tastes and preferences of its occupants.

Victorian rooms tend to feature larger interiors and higher ceilings, giving a sense of space and grandeur. Such expansive interiors and tall ceilings not only enhance the look and feel of a home, but also encourage the circulation of air.

Victorian homes are also renowned for their elaborate and ornate facades and often feature intricate detailing, and an abundance of ornate little decorative elements. Gables, trims, brackets, and balconies are all carefully designed to enhance the overall look of a property.

When asked to conjure the image of a typical Victorian home in their head, many will think of prominent rooflines, with Mansard roofs, hipped roofs, and steeply pitched gables all highly indicative of the Victorian Era. 

Installing a New Victorian Front Door

With all its history and prestige, it is perhaps no wonder then, that many homeowners who appreciate the Victorian period choose to upgrade their property with a beautiful new Victorian front door.

If you are looking for a new front door and love Victorian styling, but also love the idea of increasing security, the great news is that today’s contemporary Victorian front doors are also highly secure. You may be in the belief that Victorian Front Doors are only available in a limited range of sizes and colors, but this is certainly not the case. If you visit a UK Security Door Specialist, such as J.K Security Doors, they’ll be able to design, bold and install a fully customised door which meets all of your needs.

J.K Security Doors are a well-regarded, family-run door specialist based in London. Take a moment to explore their website, or reach out to them directly to discover exactly how they can bring your new Victorian front door to life, whilst perfectly meeting your brief.

J.K Security Doors are highly experienced in delivering and installing tailor-made solutions — The search for your perfect new Victorian-styled secure door is truly over!


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