When It Comes to Your Home, Bespoke is The Only Way to Go!

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When It Comes to Your Home, Bespoke is The Only Way to Go!

When it comes time to replace their front door, more and more homeowners are choosing bespoke doors in London. No two homes are the same, and neither are the occupants who live in them. We all want our homes to reflect our personality, and therefore choosing a custom front door is the perfect way to show your character and make your home stand out from the other properties on your street.

The style and dimensions of your property will influence the design and size of door you opt for, and many properties simply aren’t suitable to an ‘off-the-shelf’ door that you can pick up from your local hardware store.

You can really let imagination run wild if you go for a custom door, because you don't have any of the constraints you otherwise would have with a standard door. This is particularly the case if you go for a timber door as you’ll have limitless customisation options, including inset glass, species of wood, colour, etc.

Made-to-measure, made for you

Custom, or bespoke doors describe doors which are designed from the bottom up to match a particular brief. Often the design of a bespoke door is chosen to compliment existing architecture of a property, and / or to match windows and other features.

Typically, standard doors measure 2-2.2 metres in height. Custom front doors can obviously be built to any size or shape too, giving you much greater flexibility than standard doors afford.

A bespoke front door can also have intricate detailing such as glass inlays, wood paneling, electronic fixtures, knobs, handles, knockers, letter boxes, and lighting.

Why bespoke front doors in London are a ‘must-have’!

Kerb appeal is not to be underestimated. If you come to sell your property in the future then any potential buyer will first look at your front door as it's the main focal point. If your front door looks more attractive and inviting than other front doors on your street then your property will stand out.

Aesthetics to enjoy

With a new bespoke front door, both you and your guests will be greeted with an attractive entrance that reflects your sense of style and taste, and it’ll be out there at the front of your property doing its good work 24/7!


When it comes time to sell, it’s hard to understate the significance of first impressions. If you currently have a front door that’s in need of TLC, this reflects badly on your whole property. You are unwittingly broadcasting that you aren’t that bothered about how it looks, and any guest can expect a similar level of care and attention throughout the rest of your house.

To fully appreciate the value that bespoke front doors in London can deliver, contact J.K Security Doors. J.K Security Doors are one of the respected front door experts in the UK, so speak to them today!


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