Why Hörmann Garage Doors are the Top Choice in the Garage Door Industry for Safety & Security

Hörmann garage door

Why Hörmann Garage Doors are the Top Choice in the Garage Door Industry for Safety & Security

Hörmann Garage Doors deliver premium quality, innovative solutions with superior craftsmanship and design excellence in each and every one of their automatic garage doors. Hörmann Garage Doors are meticulously engineered with German precision and a near obsessional attention to detail. Every component, from the tracks to the rollers, has been designed and built to the very highest standards, ensuring smooth and reliable operation for many years to come.

When it comes to materials, Hörmann certainly doesn't cut corners in this regard either. All of their doors are constructed using the finest quality materials, carefully selected for a perfect balance between durability, strength, and aesthetics.

Wave Goodbye to Safety Concerns!

With an innovative finger protection mechanism and advanced safety features, Hörmann doors are designed to significantly reduce the risk of any injury occurring whilst operating one of their automatic garage doors over their life. When Hörmann Automatic Garage Doors are closed, their anti-lift kit automatically engages inside the guide rail. What this does is to instantly lock the door mechanically, so that it can’t be opened by force from the outside. Because this device is mechanical, it is not prone to electronic overriding. 

Each and every Hörmann Door, in their Automatic Garage Door range is fully tested and certified to meet the TTZ ‘Break-in resistance’ standard, as set by independent test institutes, for complete peace of mind.

Never Compromising when it Comes to Security 

Hörmann Automatic Garage Doors offer enhanced resistance against forced entry, giving you the sense of security in knowing that your family and your possessions are well protected at all times. With compatible technology, you can effortlessly control and monitor your Hörmann garage door from anywhere using a smartphone or similar smart device. Enjoy the convenience of opening and closing your garage door with just a simple touch, even when you're miles away from home.

With their bidirectional BiSecur radio system, Hörmann Automatic Garage Doors are extremely secure. They have been developed so that they are not affected by electrical / radio interference, and crucially, can’t be copied, so you are protected against code-stealing. 

The Value of Choosing a Local Installation Expert 

If you are considering installing a Hörmann Automatic Garage Door, we recommend speaking to the friendly team over at J.K Security Doors in London. By choosing a reputable supplier to work with, that’s one with proven experience in supplying and expertly installing automatic garage doors to the highest standards, you can ensure that your security solution is up to the task of keeping your property protected.

J.K Security Doors will help with all aspects of purchasing and installing a security door, and they always give frank and honest advice so that you know you are in safe hands. Visit their website now, or give J.K Security Doors a call to find out how they can help you choose and install your new Hörmann Automatic Garage Door.


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