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Entrance door is a key element of house facade. Every day you see, touch, and use it. Door must be safe, warm, maintenance free and match the exterior. We offer wide range of made to measure and standard size doors with numerous design choices. Latest technologies combined with perfect design results outstanding appearance and performance, all specially made for you by RYTERNA.

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RD67 Steel Entrance Doors


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RD67 frame is made of composite aluminium profiles with a 24 mm thickness thermal break.

The door leaf is 67mm thick with double steel skin filled with freon-free PU foam.

All windows and sidelights are triple-glazed with safety glass. You can choose clear, obscure, opaque, or tinted glazing options. Etched effect custom glazing is available on request.

RYTERNA entrance doors are made to resist the elements and are certified by IFT testing institute in Rosenheim, Germany.




Locking systems

KFV locks are made from high-quality materials with precise workmanship. Hi-tech mechanics ensure reliable, precise and easy operation. Lots of options starting from the simplest 3 point lock up to sophisticated 5 point lock.

Available lockas are listed below.


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RD80/100 Entrance Doors


Aluminium Entrance Doors     Aluminium Entrance Doors


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RD80 Features

Frame is made of aluminium profiles with thermal break. Leaf’s outside skin - 2.5mm thick aluminium sheets. Thermal insulation - freon free PU foam. Triple all round perimeter rubber weather sealing. Made to order up to 1250 mm wide & 2250 mm high.

RD100 Features

Hi-end durable magnetic ‘pop-up’ threshold. Opening inside and outside (optional). All windows and sidelights are triple glazed with safety glass. Lots of decorative glazing options available including individual design.


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The benefits of installing a new aluminium front door

Aluminium is well known for its high strength and versatility. For decades it has been widely used in both commercial and residential applications and is amongst the most popular material choices for the construction of doors and windows. If you still need convincing as to the benefits of an aluminium door, let us debunk some myths for you :

  • Aluminium doors are high maintenance - Aluminium does not corrode, rot, flake, peel or rust. It is weather-proof and is resistant to pests. Aluminium doors are ideal for many different types of homes and businesses in London because they require virtually no maintenance and can be wiped clean with just a damp cloth. Aluminium is also a fantastic choice for doors that are constantly exposed to the elements.
  • They aren’t suitable for traditional houses - Aluminium doors, with their extremely slender frame depth and sleek finish, actually serve as a great choice for traditional houses. They provide a modern touch that pairs well with both hardwood and stone sub-frames.
  • Aluminium doors lack style or class - Gone are the days when aluminium door frames were only available in silver and white. The current generation of aluminium frames on the market are available in charcoal and grey, which have proven to be very popular. With the advanced technologies employed today, you also have the option to have a powder coated, or spray painted aluminium frame to match any colour you desire. You can also choose a glossy or matte finish.
  • Aluminium is not eco-friendly - Aluminium is one of the easiest metals to recycle. If, in the future, you choose to refurbish your London home, aluminium doors can easily be transported to your local recycling facility for reuse.
  • Aluminium performs poorly with temperature changes - Unlike other metals, aluminium is not affected by minor changes in temperatures and hence does not contract or expand with temperature variations. When it comes to aluminium frame fittings, thermal breaks help keep them perfectly moulded to the frame.
  • Aluminium is a poor thermal insulator - Doors fitted with quality aluminium frames feature thermal breaks that create small spaces, preventing heat from escaping. Some aluminium frames even have insulation polyamides installed inside them. So, even though aluminium itself may offer low insulation properties, modern aluminium doors have features that fully mitigate this.

Aluminium doors also make great patio doors that feature luxurious floor-to-ceiling windows. Aluminium patio doors allow lots of natural lighting in, whilst providing an unobstructed view to outdoor living areas. Patio doors are well known for their ability to lighten a room, and aluminium Patio doors provide a clear, open view of your back garden, whilst providing an abundance of natural light to make your interior feel light and expansive!

Aluminium Doors for the Modern Age

Since the early 80's and 90's, aluminium doors have come a very long way. Contemporary, high quality aluminium front doors are now very much in favour once again, and are a favoured choice of architects in London, with aluminium bi-folding doors being a particularly popular option. When you come to choose your next front door, here’s why you should seriously consider installing an aluminium door:

  • With sleek, slim lines in black, white, or a subtle charcoal colour, and in either a matte or gloss finish, a new aluminium front door is sure to give your London home a stylish facelift.
  • Slim sight-lines means that windows mainly consist of glass, allowing more light in and providing clear views.
  • Glass is an excellent insulator, this means that large panels of glass offer enhanced thermal performance. Aluminium doors are constructed with innovative fabrication methods and fitted with new performance-enhancing features. Enhanced glass panels bring increased levels of security and energy efficiency.
  • The slightly higher price of aluminium doors is compensated by the fact that they are practically maintenance-free and do not damage or corrode easily.


Why choose an aluminium door from J. K Security Doors?

If safety and security is high on your list of considerations when selecting a new door, then aluminium doors are a great investment. High-quality aluminium entrance doors are designed to resist impact and maintain functionality and appearance, despite being exposed to constant harsh weather . Our extensive range of Ryterna aluminium front doors can be fully customised to suit your home and your preferences. Ryterna is a leading aluminium and steel door manufacturer.

We have the following three premium ranges of Ryterna doors; The RD65, RD80 and the RD100, which feature :

  • Frames with composite aluminium profiles and enhanced thermal breaks.
  • A double steel skin door leaf with freon free PU foam thermal insulation.
  • Highly resistant to elements and certified by the IFT testing institute in Germany.
  • High-quality locking mechanisms offering enhanced home security.
  • Triple all-round perimeter rubber weather sealing available on some models.


Contact J K Security Doors today for a new door that will protect your home and enhance its appearance.

Aluminium Entrance Doors


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