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Automatic garage doors


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The advantages of an automatic garage door

Automatic garage doors provide a very convenient means of opening and closing a garage door with just the click of a button, and you can operate the remote control device from the comfort of your car.

If it’s raining outside, or if you can’t remember if you locked your garage door - with an automatic garage door you don’t have to get soaked whilst you fumble in the dark with your keys trying to open the garage.
Today, an automatic garage door opener is no longer just a luxury for the elite, you might be surprised at just how affordable today’s range of quality Automatic garage doors really are.

Garage door automation is more than just a practical convenience for your London home - they can also increase safety, security, and peace of mind. If you're going to be gone for a while, an automated garage door can be configured to remain closed. This ensures that without the remote, nobody else can gain access to your garage whilst you are away.

Automatic garage doors offer a distinct home upgrade, one that can increase the value of your property. They’re also highly advantageous from a home security point of view as they provide enhanced protection of your garage and its contents.

How do you go about installing an automatic garage door?

Installing automatic garage doors can be a little more involved than fitting a regular garage door. Firstly, DIY installation won’t be covered by the warranty. For this reason J.K Security Doors recommend that you use their expert installation service. With unparalleled industry experience and expertise, you can benefit from a garage door installation to the highest possible standards – and a door that will last for many, many years to come. When it comes to garage door automation, J.K Security Doors can tailor solutions to meet the exact needs of your family and your London home. Please contact us for detailed information and in-depth advice regarding installation.

Is it time for you to switch to an automatic garage door?

Our range of automatic garage doors include an optional holiday mode which blocks any attempt to open your garage door with a remote control whilst you’re away. Whilst the holiday mode is engaged, the door can only be operated with a specific code on the door keypad.

You can also opt for an automatic garage door with a rolling frequency opener that constantly changes, meaning your door isn’t left vulnerable to hacking. The good news for you if you’re in the market for a new garage door is that all of the latest systems we supply feature rolling code technology.

Automated garage doors also give you the option to enable a temporary guest keypad code too. This removes the need to constantly change your garage door code to maintain security. Instead, you can set a guest code every time a visitor requires entry to your garage (with your permission of course), whenever you’re away from home.

Among the styles of garage doors available, aluminium roller shutters are a highly popular consumer choice, being constructed from robust, insulated aluminium, and able to withstand impact.

If you wish to protect the contents of your garage with a dependable door system, roller shutter doors are an excellent solution. Shutter doors are an increasingly popular choice because they prevent intruders from accessing your vehicle, along with the rest of the contents of your garage. Electric roller garage doors last for many years and require minimal maintenance.

Roller Shutters are renowned for their easy operation, but current technology has enabled them to be even easier to use. You can now connect roller shutters to smart home technologies and operate them with mobile devices, allowing you to operate them from anywhere. New smart systems can notify you if your garage door is left open, allowing you to open and close it with your smartphone.

What sizes of automatic garage doors are available?

Various sizes of automatic sectional garage doors are available to order. Range of width starts from 1800mm to 6000mm, and the height range starts from 1800mm to 3000mm. Standard, single car garage doors begin at around 2438mm wide and 2134mm height, however due to the extra height of larger 4×4 vehicles, homeowners often choose a taller garage door. Bear in mind that the drive-through height is rarely the same as the specified height with most garage doors, but also all other sizes are available for the sectional automatic garage doors, starting at


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Automatic Garage Doors