High Security Front Doors

Front doors are often the target of burglars, so if you’re considering increasing home security measures, it’s time to have a look at our range of front doors, fitted with the very latest locking mechanisms and built to the highest standards.

Energy prices are ever-increasing and we must all do our bit to conserve it where we can, therefore our security front doors offer enhanced protection as well as increased energy efficiency. Replacing your front or back door with one of our thermo front doors is a superb solution and an excellent long-term investment.

The latest statistics reveal that the average home loses around 10-20% of its energy via external doors and windows. Today, homeowners look to energy-efficient door replacement to increase the thermal performance of their homes. With this in mind, J.K Security Doors bring you aluminium front doors and thermo front doors which significantly increase your home’s thermal performance. Take a close look at the full range of Hörmann high quality doors, and you’ll see how your home can benefit from a timely home upgrade.

If you are considering replacing an external door to increase thermal efficiency, you also need to consider the frame, the glazing, the hinges, and its fittings. If you feel the cold coming through your front or back door, Hörmann’s Thermo65 and Thermo46 range of doors will solve the issue for you, once and for all.

Our solid Thermo65 is a 65-mm-thick steel door with a PU rigid foam infill. It features a leaf made of composite materials on the inside. With enhanced front door security comes high performance insulation to keep the cold out, helping you keep your home warm and secure, whilst cutting your energy bills at the same time.

The U-value describes the energy efficiency rating of a door in the UK. It essentially indicates how much heat can pass through a door, and the lower the U-value, the more energy-efficient the door is. 

We also have premium security doors made with protective steel plating across the entire leaf, with rockwool thermal insulation which can withstand most heavy-duty tools. These are covered with external panels made of engineered wood/ or plywood - you have the choice of over 100 panel designs- or you have the freedom to create your own. These doors are wind, fire, water and temperature resistant.