Choosing The Right Security Door For Your Home

The main consideration for homeowners when they shop for a new front door, is understandably, appearance. But there’s a second crucial factor to bear in mind too, and that’s security. Is the door robust and durable enough to provide an adequate defence? - A front door is a long-term investment, one that is simply not worth taking shortcuts on when it comes to the safety and security of your home.

J.K Security Doors range of top security doors ensure that you benefit from many years of trouble-free service, whilst at the same significantly boosting security. Today’s modern security doors are packed full of premium features that’ll keep criminals out of your property.

Take a look at our High & Premium Security Doors and have a chat with us about your home security.


Security Doors, security doors london, home security doors, domestic security doors, house security doors

Security Doors, security doors london, home security doors, domestic security doors, house security doors


We can assure that all our customers are being served by the most professional customer service team suppllying highest quality doors at competitive prices!




Security Doors, security doors london, home security doors, domestic security doors, house security doors







The front door is a vulnerable entry point that’s often targeted by thieves, so it’s vital that all domestic security doors are constructed with high quality material and high performance locking mechanisms. Our security doors also feature weatherproofing, soundproofing, and fire-resistance.


If you’ve been considering a new front door it’s worth remembering that whilst it’s important to find a door that matches the appearance of your existing home, you don’t want to overlook security features and regret a purchase decision later in time.

The good news is that you can have it all, with our wide range of security front doors you can have a beautiful front door, packed full of features such as a security steel frame, high-security door locks and locking bolts for greater security.

Our luxury security doors are constructed from high performance steel and premium quality engineered woods. Some of our products also feature a Rockwool core that significantly enhances thermal performance and strength.

Entrance doors can be supplied to fit bespoke dimensions, finishes, patterns, and opening direction. Our domestic security doors are supplied with top of the range secure locks that are designed to last a lifetime.

J.K Security Doors aren’t only specialists in security front doors, we also offer a wide range of secure internal doors that can match the requirements of any homeowner. We also have a range of security garage doors, available in various sizes and finishes.

At J.K Security Doors we are very proud of our carefully selected range of products and services. We delight in providing customers with honest, expert help and advice, and our highly qualified team are always happy to talk to you about the best options for your home and your budget.


We highly recommend our High and Premium ranges of home security doors for keeping your house, office or business premises fully secure. Our home security doors are constructed from steel and engineered wood, providing optimal thermal performance, fire resistance, sound insulation and durability. Doors of this quality and strength are also sometimes installed in panic rooms, which take security measures to the highest level. Our steel doors ensure that any safe space is kept as safe as it possibly can be.

With our range of premium home security doors, there’s no need to sacrifice aesthetics or design. From our extensive range you can choose a luxury security door that perfectly matches your home, featuring the very latest technology.

We can also supply high quality Italian security door locks that are considered to be the best on the market. Steel security doors with high-quality locking systems is the answer you are looking for in terms of enhanced home security.


Home security door prices vary considerably. Whatever your budget, needs, and desires, J.K Security Doors are very happy to talk to you and match you with a domestic security door that’ll meet all your requirements. For a modern security door that’ll provide decades of hassle-free service, please get in touch with J.K Security Doors today for a high quality door at a competitive price.