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Roller garage door "Rollmatic" open vertically, taking up minimal internal garage space, thereby allowing you to make full use of the inside of your garage. With a RollMatic roller garage door installed in your London garage, your ceiling remains free, so your storage space can be used to its full extent. The RollMatic OD horizontal garage door requires minimal headroom and is ideally suited for compact garage spaces.


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Hormann’s Range of Premium Garage Doors

Not all garage doors are created equally. There are many considerations to factor-in including material choice, style and the finish. Your garage is an extension of your home, so when it comes to security and aesthetics, you don’t want to compromise on either. J. K Security Doors has an extensive range of premium quality Hormann garage doors to offer, so if you’re searching for a secure hormann rollmatic garage door in London that’ll add value to your home, J.K Security Doors should be your first destination.

Hormann garage doors have advanced features which include:

  • FingerGuard pinch resistance - An added extra level of safety that’s been specifically designed to ensure that fingers can’t be caught in the door mechanism.
  • Weather resistant seals - Quality seals help prevent water, pests and debris from entering your garage, thereby helping to keep the contents of your garage protected in a sealed environment. Good seals can also help to save energy, lowering your household bills.
  • Commercial Grade Hardware Package - Your residential garage door comes with the added bonus of an upgraded commercial grade hardware package that consists of roller holders, 3-inch heavy duty struts, and an extended cycle spring that provides added strength and increases the lifespan of your door.
  • Dependable technology - When opened and closed, the door’s tension spring assembly safeguards the operator mechanism, allowing it to be opened quickly by hand in an emergency. Hörmann RollMatic roller garage doors feature double tension springs and double cabling that protects the door leaf from falling, whichever position it is in.
  • Straightforward and convenient - Hormann garage doors are renowned for their build quality. Hormann garage doors can also be fully customised to meet your requirements.

High-quality roller garage doors in London from Hormann

The Hormann Rollmatic range consists of quality, corrosion-free aluminium insulated roller shutter garage doors. Horizontal slats are filled with foam to ensure a robust, smooth appearance. Garage door panels are available in a Decograin finish for those looking to recreate the effect of real timber, along with nine other colour choices, all at no additional cost.

Hormann Rollmatic garage doors can be operated by remote control, as well as by a control panel. Hormann Rollmatic garage doors allow for plenty of space both inside and at the front of your garage. They have been designed to operate with Hormann’s low voltage 24V DC motor. Hormann Rollmatic Garage Doors features include the following highlights :

  • Automatic safety cut-off, with obstacle detection.
  • Soft start and stop.
  • Internal impulse illuminated control panel.
  • Emergency release, with pull cord.
  • Range of colours available.
  • Available in sizes from 1900mm x 5000mm width, to 1900mm x 3000mm height.

Roller shutters that’ll protect your property

Roller shutter garage doors function similarly to sectional garage doors, consisting of a number of tightly-fitting slats that interlock when the door closes. Featuring extremely smooth running up and around a barrel that is fitted to the garage roof, if you’re looking for high-quality roller garage doors in London, the Hormann Rollmatic range provides maximum height and width for vehicle access.

J.K Security Doors can supply and professionally install Hormann Rollmatic garage doors and roller shutters with the minimum of disruption. For first class service and support, along with a 10 year guarantee - contact J. K Security Doors today.



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