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When it comes to garage doors, there are now many different products on the market from which to choose. Which solution you opt for will, to some extent, depend on the physical size of your garage door opening, but there are many other considerations to make, including the space available in your garage, how insulated you need your garage to be, and of course, your budget.

Secure Up and over garage doors in London have always been incredibly popular since their introduction in the early 1950’s, and to this day the traditional up and over style garage door is still an incredibly popular design. It is easy to understand why that is the case; it offers everything in one affordable solution – They are very simple in terms of how they operate, and are therefore both easy and affordable to maintain. If you choose a good quality up and over door, they offer  more than adequate security for your garage, and they are considered to be perhaps the most cost-effective type of garage door.


Up-and-Over Garage Doors   Up and Over Garage Doors   Up and Over Garage Doors   


Choosing The Right Garage Door For You

Up and over doors are available in a huge range of different styles and once you have established your budget, perhaps the first decision you’ll need to make is what you want your up and over garage door in London to be made from. The two main options are:

  • Timber Up & Over Doors

Solid timber doors from Hormann are available in both ‘Nordic Pine’ and ‘Hemlock’ finishes. Built using the highest quality wood, Hormann’s timber up and over doors can be finished in many different beautiful colours. 

You also have the option of automating Hormann’s standard size timber doors and the choice to install either a timber door frame, or a steel one. Timber doors are more expensive than steel doors, but when they have been professionally installed the beauty of real wood is hard to beat! 

  • Steel Up & Over Doors

Steel construction is available in an affordable ‘Traffic White’ finish, alongside 7 low-cost alternative colour options, and more than 200 additional RAL colours. (Excludes pearl effect, neon and metallic colours).

The Series 2000 range of Hormann garage doors has been created exclusively for the UK market and is made to imperial measurements, with three gearing options for you to choose from.

For virtually every garage door that we offer, we can have a matching side door, allowing you to completely transform the exterior of your home to make it look as if it has been designed by a leading architect.

The Traditional Up and Over Garage Door Design

A traditional up and over garage door consists of a single door leaf with spring-mounted lever arms at both sides. A simple upward push opens the door, and a gentle pull downward closes it again. Because the door leaf swings outwards, both opening and closing the door only require a small volume of space. Our up and over doors are fitted with an anti-drop device that prevents the door from falling down in the event of a mechanical failure, and they feature four locking points for extra security.

Canopy and Retractable Garage Door Designs

Canopy up and over garage door - This style of garage door rolls up vertically, before being held horizontally in place by two rolling wheels and a folding arm on each side, leaving a canopy a third of the size of the door protruding outside of the garage. Canopy up and over garage doors require no tracks to be fitted inside the garage, instead tracks are fitted at the edges of the door, which saves garage space. A canopy up and over garage door is very cost-effective, featuring a simple design with straightforward manual operation and minimal maintenance.

Retractable up & over garage doors - This design of garage door is similar in function to a canopy up and over garage door, but without the canopy. A retractable garage door doesn't protrude from the garage, instead it retracts into the garage itself via roller wheels that are mounted on horizontal tracks inside your garage. They generally cost more than canopy up and over garage doors, but they are typically operated electronically, instead of manually.

Up and over garage doors in London from J.K Security Doors

Modern garages have come a long way. No longer are they purely a box to store your car in; today they can function as a workshop, home office, or be used to store anything from classic cars to product stock. 

Just as the role of the garage has evolved itself, so too has the garage door. Today, high quality garage doors feature advanced construction techniques and high security measures.

When you decide it is time to replace your existing garage door, you can choose between :

  • Up and over garage doors
  • Sectional garage doors
  • Roller garage doors
  • Side-hinged garage doors
  • Sliding and folding garage doors.

Of the garage door solutions listed above,secure up and over garage doors are among the most popular garage doors for UK homeowners today. They are easy to operate, featuring one-piece panel construction and very low maintenance requirements. If you’re looking for a compact garage door solution where space is at a premium, then a garage door that retracts into the garage when it's opened might be the perfect solution.

Why you should choose your next garage door from J.K Security Doors

At J.K Security Doors we have an extensive range of up and over garage doors in London for you to choose from, and we’re sure that we can find the perfect garage to match your home and your budget. Our Hormann garage doors Series 2000 up and over range of garage doors are available in a wide range of colour options. Choose between solid steel or timber, all fitted with the very latest high quality locking mechanisms.

Our steel up over garage doors are energy efficient and have been built to last for decades. They have also been built to help keep your garage fully secure so that whatever you keep inside your garage, it remains safe and is not stolen. 

By offering only the best up and over doors that we’ve carefully selected from leading garage door manufacturers, we know be sure that the products we sell will stand the test of time. You can expect the average garage door to last somewhere in the region of 10-15 years, but with expert installation and proper care and maintenance, our doors have the potential to last upwards of three decades.

Options for Automation

If you have considered an automatic up and over door, but perhaps haven’t got the budget for one right now, many of the up and over canopy and retractable doors that we stock can be upgraded for automatic operation at a later date in time.

Have a chat with our expert team to find out if your garage door is stubble for automation and we’ll talk you through the process of installing an electric motor in the roof of your garage. 

Our automated solutions offer enhanced security features and remote operation.





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