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Every day we continue to receive more and more positive feedback about our fantastic Thermo65 & Thermo46 Front Doors, and Thermo garage doors - With premium quality construction, excellent thermal insulation values, fantastic security and a large selection of styles to choose from at affordable prices, it’s not difficult to understand why - You’ve come to the right place for the best insulated front doors in Rickmansworth!



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Security & Efficiency

If you are considering upgrading to an attractive, high-quality insulated front door in Rickmansworth, the Hörmann Thermo65 front door is the right choice for you.

With a solid 65-mm-thick steel door leaf and PU rigid foam core, it’ll keep out the cold (& the criminals) for good. With a UV-value of up to 0.87 W/(m²·K) Thermo65 doors provide truly excellent thermal insulation.

As standard, Hörmann’s range of doors are equipped with a 5-point security lock, allowing you to feel safe and secure in your home. Thermo65 can be optionally fitted with RC 2 security upgrades, that’ll help make you feel even more secure in your own home.

Choose your dream door from 13 attractive designs, 16 fantastic colours and 5 alternate Decograin finishes.


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Turn heads with a new Thermo46 door

The Thermo46 door offers you everything - With a UV-value of up to 1.1 W/(m²·K), Thermo46 front doors offer astonishing thermal insulation.

Thanks to the standard 5-point security lock, Thermo46 front doors are also highly secure. Some styles have the option to fit enhanced RC 2 security features, to help make you and your family feel even more protected.

We also offer thermo garage doors in either sectional, side-sliding or side-hinged form. Thermo garage doors are about as efficient as insulated garage doors can possibly get. If you’re concerned about conserving energy, then equipping your home with insulated front doors and Thermo garage doors are measures you won’t regret taking.

Choose your favourite from 13 different styles – from contemporary to classic.

You can also choose to further customise the colour, finish, and fittings of your door.

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