Discover a new feeling of home: high-quality residential doors. Our home is the centre of our life, our haven, our oasis of well-being. Whether classic or modern, white lacquer or beech, with glass elements or stainless-steel embellishments – Hörmann offers you the residential door that suits you and your furnishings perfectly.

Take a look at our selection of premium quality internal security doors.

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The internal doors of your home inhabit the same living space as you do. Our living spaces can subtly influence our feelings on a subconscious level, and if sympathetic choices have been made with selection, they can lead to feelings of comfort and contentment.

What style of Internal Door should I choose for my home?

Hörmann is a German manufacturer of internal doors that pride themselves on quality design and manufacture, with over 80 years of industry experience. They are indeed one of Europe’s largest suppliers of internal doors. Hörmann offers a wide range of internal security doors, and you’re sure to find a style that perfectly suits your home. Here is a selection of their range:

Baseline Timber Doors

Hörmann’s Base Line range of timber internal doors provides your home with true feel-good character. With options for the door leaf in both flush and rebated, they are offered in a large selection of colours that can perfectly compliment your home. The Base Line range of timber internal doors also offer many different surface options, from textures to lacquered, and of course real wood veneer.

Design line Internal Doors

The Design Line range of internal doors have a very elegant and contemporary look. If you’re looking for a modern styling to fit your modern home, the Design Line range is for you. With options such as steel embellishments, recessed joints and real wood veneers. Your design options are only limited by your imagination…

Classic Line Internal Doors

If you desire a classic look that still appears modern, then the Classic Line range of internal doors is your first place to look. Right at home in a country house or modern barn conversion, featuring handcrafted detailing and options of embossing, inlaid profile strips, or contour-milled profiling. You also have the options of Duradecor smooth, textured, lacquered or decor finishes.

Glassline Internal Doors

Glass internal doors can really transform a modern home, being instantly impactful and giving a luxurious high-end look. It’s not only with their appearance that Glass internal doors offer a distinct difference, but also with the added light that they bring to you home.

Fire Rated Doors

Hörmann offers 3 fire-rated internal security doors that significantly boost security and safeguard against the risk of fire. First is the ‘Smoke-tight door’, which offers smoke protection. Secondly in the range is the ‘T30 fire-rated door’, which is tested as fire-retardant for 30 minutes, and lastly, Hörmann has the T90 fire-rated door which is tested as fire-retardant for 90 minutes.

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