Matching Side Doors

Matching Garage Side doors

To get the very best functionality and appearance for your home garage, our range of premium Garage Side Doors offer convenience, practicality and utility. We match the appearance and finishes of our Garage Side Doors with our full range of Roller, up & over, and sectional garage doors. Garage side doors instantly transform your home, perfectly pairing form with function.

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The Benefits of Matching Garage Side Doors

  • To enhance the overall appearance of your home - By pairing the aesthetics of your garage with your garage side door you are making a statement, one that says there has been real intent and thought regarding the overall design of your home.
  • Practicality - Many homeowners use their garage as a form of utility room and the ability to enter this ‘extra room’ as you would with any other room of your home, can prove to be invaluable.
  • Temperate - A garage side door allows you to retain more heat and light when opened.



Matching Side Front Doors

One way to give your home an architecturally co-ordinated appearance is to pair your main front door with a Matching Side Front Door. For an instant Kerb-appeal boost, that speaks volumes about your taste and considered home design choices, J.K Security Doors can supply a Matching Side Front Door with a new front door, to provide you with a significant home upgrade.

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The benefits of Matching Side Front Doors

  • As an investment - Any carefully considered and expertly installed home upgrade will add value to your home, making it a more attractive prospect than a similar property in its group that doesn’t feature Matching Side Front Doors.
  • Practicality - If you have animals, or wish to designate doors for specific purposes, a Matching Side Front Door provides you with that option. You could even designate your front door as a specific guest entrance.



Matching Side Gates

Take a quick glance at a row of houses and you’ll notice that any of them with Matching Side Gates will mark themselves out as instantly more appealing. As humans we like things to match and compliment each other and by installing new Matching Side Gates, to pair with your main gates, you can enjoy a carefully coordinated driveway for years to come.


The benefits of Side Gates

  • Kerb Appeal - Your matching Side gates will significantly enhance the appearance of your driveway, adding value to your home.
  • Practicality - For pedestrian access, it’s much more convent to open a side gate than it is to open a large main gate.
  • Security - You have the option to lock your main gate, and to keep your matching Side gates open so that only pedestrian access is granted.
  • Safety - By segregating the main gate (primarily used for vehicle access) with a pedestrian matching Side gate, you can separate vehicle and human traffic.

To find out more about J.K Security Doors range of Matching Doors, please get in touch with us today. We have the perfect door solutions for your home.




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