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With their innovative space-saving design, sectional garage doors open vertically – which means you benefit from more internal garage space, plus the ability to park right against your garage door, which is incredibly useful if you own a property that has a short driveway. 

If the benefits of a sectional door sound good to you, then let us introduce you to RYTERNA’s range of insulated garage doors. RYTERNA’s garage doors feature double-skinned steel sections that are ‘pinch-proof’. Each section is filled with a freon-free PU foam, offering outstanding sound and thermal insulation, with a U-value of up to 1.1 W/m2/K and a noise reduction of around -25 dB. This means that your garage will allow in less moisture, lose less heat, and reduce external noise levels.

RYTERNA’s insulated garage doors are built with strengthened panel joints that have integrated rubber seals. These rubber seals are highly effective at protecting your garage against rain, snow, dust, and moisture infiltration. They can also help keep out pests and insects.

Insulated sectional garage doors are a significant home upgrade and you can choose to convert a garage with a sectional door into a small office, workshop, utility room, gym, or even a secure storage area, ideal perhaps for a classic car, or valuable / treasured belongings that you haven’t got room for in the house.

RYTERNA's garage doors are designed in such a way that they secure directly to the brickwork of your existing garage, meaning there is no need for a complex and expensive subframe, as it can be installed behind the garage door opening. This design has the added benefits of being much easier to clean and maintain, while also providing maximum drive-through headroom and width for larger vehicles. 



Sectional Garage Doors


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Alongside RYTERNA's range of premium quality sectional garage doors in London, J.K Security doors are also proud stockists of Hormann garage doors. Hormann’s garage doors are designed to open vertically into the roof of your garage so that you can park very close to the garage door opening.  

Hormann’s sectional doors are very flexible in terms of compatibility and are suitable for virtually any garage opening. When opened they offer an additional 14cm of passing width than the equivalent up-and-over garage door in Hormann’s range, so they are ideal for homeowners who have difficulty in parking wider vehicles and are looking for easier accessibility. 

Each model in the range is also optimally sealed with flexible and weather-resistant seals on all four sides, keeping out the dust, debris and moisture. 

Here’s a quick overview of the most popular sectional doors from Hormann that we stock:

  • LPU67 THERMO - An impressively energy efficient garage door that features 67-mm-thick sections and thermal breaks, for maximum thermal efficiency.  
  • LPU 42 - The double skinned sectional Hormann LPU 42 door offers a high level of insulation with sections that are 42-mm in thickness. 
  • LTE 42 - Our single skinned LTE 42 door is an affordable solution that’s been designed for detached garages that do not need additional thermal insulation.
  • LTH 42 - With solid timber doors, you can choose either a smooth or a brushed surface finish with the LTH 42 sectional door. This garaged door has been specially designed to be paired with a property that features wooden elements.



Hormann sectional garage doors


To get the very best performance from your new sectional door it needs to be installed by experts.

J.K Security Doors offers the very highest level of service when it comes to installing your new garage door. Our experienced team will aim to reduce disruption to you and your family to an absolute minimum, and we’ll do all we can to work around your schedule.

You can trust us to meet and exceed your expectations. We are fully committed to meeting the needs of our customers, and our customer testimonials demonstrate our ability to do so.



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