Sectional Garage Doors London

In a clever space-saving design, sectional garage doors open vertically – meaning that extra space close to the door can be utilised by the homeowner. Door panels do not stick through the opening while in operation, which is convenient for properties with short driveways. Our sectional garage doors feature double skinned steel sections that are ‘pinch-proof’ and filled with Freon-free PU foam. They offer outstanding sound and thermal insulation (sectional garage door U-values are available up to 1.1 W/m2/K with noise reduction of around -25 dB).

All panel joints are strengthened with the use of rubber seals, giving an advanced level of protection from rain, snow, dust and low temperature conditions. Many homeowners use our sectional garage doors to convert their garage space to a new gym, small office or secure storage area for classic cars. Our sectional garage doors are designed to fix directly to the brickwork, meaning there is no requirement for a sub frame when installed behind the opening. This approach reduces complications around maintenance, but also gives car owners extra drive-through width and height.

We make sectional garage doors to order. JK Doors is known for our great flexibility when it comes to door size and the many track and spring options we offer, as well as further options for external trims, posts and fascias – so it’s unnecessary to hack away at brickwork or to add timber or uPVC liners. We can also use an aluminium frame system to fit sectional garage doors in-between the opening. Our low maintenance frames are supplied, as standard, in the same colour as that of the door – but you can always request a different colour if you so desire.

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