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Side-hinged garage doors are incredibly easy to use and because they do not require internal tracks, rollers, cables or other similar mechanisms, side-hinged doors are really low maintenance and cost less than many of the alternative garage door solutions on the market. 

Take a look at our range of the very latest side-hinged garage doors that combine traditional aesthetics with the latest innovative features. You’ll find our prices to be highly competitive and we’re sure that our level of service is amongst the very best you’ll find throughout London.

Key features of benefits of our Side-Hinged Garage Doors include:

  • Highly effective insulation that helps you conserve energy and keep your garage free of damp.
  • The ability to be tailored to your requirements. You can add extra accessories for example, or choose to change the locking mechanism.
  • Increased security will help keep your home safe and secure.
  • Safe to use, so you don’t have to worry about suffering an injury due to a fault in your garage door
  • An extensive aftercare package that will help ensure that your garage door lasts for many years to come.
  • Simple and quick to maintain and clean 
  • A range of design and colour options for you to choose from

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Custom Built Doors to perfectly match your Garage

With our range of side hinged insulated garage doors, you have a great deal of flexibility in customising your door. You have the option to choose which materials you wish your garage door to be made from, as well as how you would like your doors to split when they open. 

If you opt for wooden side-hinged doors, for example, you can decide which timber suits your preference. Your choice of wood will determine the overall cost, and to some extent, how durable and robust the door is. There’s also the choice of Steel from Hörmann (which is double skinned and fully insulated), aluminium and GRP (an advanced composite material). 

Timber Garage Doors

  • Enjoy the beauty of wood 
  • Choose your preferred type of wood
  • Affordable solutions to match your budget
  • Quick to install

Steel Garage Doors

  • Enhanced security with an option for a double-skinned door
  • Long-lasting & low-maintenance
  • Many different styles and designs for you to choose from
  • Select between lots of different colours and finishes
  • High durability for a long lifespan

Aluminium Garage Doors

  • Choose between single & double leaf options
  • Multiple powder coated paint colours to choose from
  • Alternate custom finishes for your door
  • Multiple thermal brake options
  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • Cost effective 

GRP Garage Doors

  • Resistant to denting 
  • Do not shrink or warp over time
  • An eco-friendly option
  • Are considered to be an affordable option
  • Very low maintenance & easy to clean
  • The option to add additional hardware

Automate Your Side Hinged Insulated Garage Door

With J.K Security doors we can fully automate your side hinged door so that entering and exiting your garage is completely effortless. You have the option to automate either both door panels, or split them as you wish. You can even ask us to install a glass window into your side-hinged door.

Side-hinged doors allow you to use your garage in completely new ways. You can park much larger vehicles inside a garage with a side hinged door, or you can open them fully up to use your garage as a large, well-lit temporary workshop space.  

Security Options

You can talk to one of our security experts for help and advice regarding the level of security you need for your garage. We can also recommend and fit appropriate alarm systems in your garage and / or home too. 

Professional Installation from J.K Security Doors

Garage doors should always be installed by an expert so that they are properly insulated and weather sealed. J.K Security Doors will expertly install your garage door to ensure that it offers maximum performance and is completely secure. We never cut corners and we always offer honest advice. We genuinely take great pride in each and every garage installation that we undertake.

The Cost Of Your New Garage Door

The cost of installing your new side-hinged garage door will be determined by the following factors:

  • The size of your existing garage door opening
  • The hardware options you choose
  • Materials decisions you make
  • Your chosen locking mechanisms
  • Colour and finish choices

You can speak to the friendly team at J.K Security Doors now for expert help and advice regarding any aspect of side-hinged garage doors. 

They will help you make the best decision based on your needs, your budget, and your property.

Side Hinged Garage Doors


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