Side Sliding Garage Doors

Side Sliding Garage Doors

Our side sliding garage doors are an innovative and stylish approach to garage design, allowing homeowners to make the most of their garage space and establishing an attractive design feature for the property. Unlike other solutions, they only require a small amount of headroom. They can be installed with a motor, radio remote control and obstacle detection system – offering an enhanced level of safety and convenience. Side sliding garage doors are the ultimate space saving solution; partial opening options give convenient bicycle access, with half-way opening options also available.

The straight sliding motion of a one piece door panel can be doubled as a bi-parting or overlapping setup. One piece panels can be installed internally or externally, depending on the amount of wall space available. A number of tracking arrangements are possible but your ideal selection will depend on conditions like ground surface quality, the weight of the door panels and a few other issues. However, with careful thought and planning you can produce a highly intuitive side sliding garage doors system that is sure to provide impressive security and last for years to come.

Other benefits of side sliding garage doors include the thermal and acoustic qualities, which will be self-evident from the inside. From the outside, the wide range of elegant styles, colours and finishes available are enough to meet anybody’s taste; panel styling ranges from glazed to Georgian. Standard corners are at 90 degrees, but custom corners are possible upon request. There are wicket door options, with extra-large sizes available also. The hardware is made from anodised aluminum and zinc plated steel. We use high quality trolleys and roller bearings, ensuring a smooth action.

Side sliding garage doors can be operated manually or with an electrically powered system. For larger doors (or if you’re planning on a system for daily use) we suggest electric operation. That’s partly because side sliding garage doors don’t feature the same counterbalance systems as sectional doors, which means you would have to use considerable force to budge open the larger doors manually. Our side sliding garage doors can open to either side, with custom splits available. The only limitation with the latter approach is that you’ll need at least three panels on one side.

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