A home upgrade you won’t regret

Sadly, residential front doors are often targeted by burglars as their point of entry. If you’re actively thinking about increasing the security measures in your home, high security front doors should be very high on your list of considerations.

We recommend that you take a look at our range of high security residential security front doors, all of which have been specifically designed and built to make it much more challenging for criminals to force their way into your home.

With the very latest locking mechanisms, high quality materials and solidly-built construction, we’re confident that we can  significantly boost security in your home with one of our high security residential front doors.


Energy prices continue to rise and we must all do our bit to reduce consumption wherever possible. With our premium grade high-security  front doors you benefit from enhanced security, as well as increased energy efficiency. Replacing your door with one of our ‘thermo’ front doors is a highly proactive home upgrade, one that can be considered a valuable investment in your property.

Statistics show that the average home consumes around 10-20% more energy than it needs to, due to the fact that doors and windows have poor insulation.

Today, homeowners such as yourself can now choose modern energy-efficient doors and windows to help put an end to this waste of energy.

J.K Security Doors range of aluminium front doors, ‘thermo’ front doors, and residential security front doors have all been designed to significantly increase your home’s energy efficiency rating. Take a look at the full range of Hörmann high quality doors now and bring your home right up to date.

If you are thinking about replacing one or more of your external doors in an effort to increase the thermal efficiency of your home, you will need to  choose a door with a frame that fits snugly, with no air gaps at all. If you can feel a cold draft coming through either your front or your back door, Hörmann’s; 'Thermo65’ and ‘Thermo46’ doors will solve the issue for you, once and for all.


Hörmann’s robust ‘Thermo65’ door features 65mm of high grade steel, with a PU rigid foam core, and an internal leaf that is made from composite materials. With one of our high performance ‘Thermo65’ doors you can increase security and benefit from highly effective insulation that will keep the cold out for good. Keep your home warm and secure, reduce your energy bills, and reduce your carbon footprint too!

The energy efficiency rating of doors in the UK is represented by the U-Value. The U-Value rating essentially indicates how much heat can pass through a door, and the lower the U-Value, the more energy-efficient it is.

View our comprehensive range of premium security doors which incorporate protective steel plating across their entire leaf and feature ‘Rockwool’ thermal insulation that can withstand attack even from many power tools. With external panels built from engineered wood / plywood - you can choose from more than 100 different panel designs - plus you even have the freedom to create your own!

Resistant to strong gales, fire, and moisture, you can talk with the team at J.K Security Doors today to find out more about Hörmann’s robust ‘Thermo65’ doors, and our premium installation services.



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